#FeatureRequest Chat GPT web app.

Hi all!

Was wondering about a possible feature on the web gpt, If I’m using it often I find myself in the inspector making the size of it larger, it’s a little difficult to read code snippets with the current screen width but you make it larger and it’s much easier to read, maybe a button to configure this?


This is what I’ve been wanting as well. The iPad app is actually able to do this wide editor and code view. What not ideal is on a desktop it’s so narrow. It’s really the same issue I have in teams.

Maybe this will appeal to developers. For people as they age they need a little more help on the text size area. Having such a small narrow screen is challenge. It’s not like when you are 20-30 you can have 8pt font. I need a 12, now try reading code in a 4-5 inch window 12pt font. It’s not very ‘inclusive’. While not your fault what is also strange to me is every app that’s been built has basically be exactly like the webapp. It seems to me if you are going to build an app as a 3rd party you should try something slightly different, we certainty don’t need 20 that look identical. If you could even unlock the editor /code window sizing that would be amazing.