Feature Request for ChatGPT: Allow users to create custom folders for group chats

I would like to suggest a feature request for ChatGPT that I believe would improve the overall user experience. The feature I am proposing is the ability for users to add custom folders to group chats manually.

As you may already know, ChatGPT currently lists all group chats in a single list. While this may be suitable for those with a few group chats, it can quickly become overwhelming for users with numerous group chats. It can be difficult to keep track of all conversations and to find the one you need when they are all lumped together in a single list.

To solve this issue, I suggest that ChatGPT allows users to create custom folders and group their chats accordingly. This way, users can easily organize their chats and find the conversations they need with minimal effort. For example, users could create folders for work-related chats, personal chats, hobby-related chats, and so on.

Not only would this feature make it easier for users to navigate through their group chats, but it would also provide a more streamlined and personalized experience. Users could customize their folders to suit their needs, making ChatGPT more versatile and user-friendly.


I was about to request the same: folders and the ability to order the chats up or down.


Yes folders would really help organise everything better!


Would definitely be a good feature to have, I’m constantly switching contexts with multiple conversations about the same context in different chats because of different approaches and models used. It’d be really nice to be able to organize conversations in folder, or at least drag them up/down. Any form of organization is welcome at this point!


Definitely love this idea too!!

I’m constantly thinking about this. Thanks for submit the proposal @cosmoszoneairdrops !

Yes please! Folders AND the ability to move them up and down (to prioritize). Thank you!

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We NEED some kind of folder management for all the chats. Chatgpt needs to allow us to categorize our chats into folders based on what we are working on.

Have you tried Superpower ChatGPT? https://a0.wfh.team/media/public/images/gptx/releasenote/foldercolor.gif


Having the ability to group chats by topic in a folder would definitely make it easier to navigate and find specific conversations without having to scroll through a long list of chats.

I view grouping conversations into folders as a basic requirement for a minimum viable product.

The signal-to-noise ratio gets out of hand very, very quickly if you are using this tool for real work that has any appreciable lifetime. Once we start seeing better integration into development IDEs (and the like), the lack of simple organization will be a crippling factor.

This will be a great feature. It is really hard to find previous prompts as they build up quickly and the UI is very limited.

For anyone who is interested, I made a free chrome extension that does exactly that!
I built it out of personal needs and it works really well for me. Just search for ChatGPT - Group Genius

There’re extension plugins lets say in chrome to use, however would rather use it if OpenAI would implement it inside of their chatGPT that would group my content so that I can access it in anywhere I am pleased to.

Looking forward to the Android app as well and then subscribing for the premium version.

Agreed this would be incredibly helpful. I have multiple threads for work, a hobby, and then general questions and would love to be able to better organize between them.

this feature will be such a good thing. I have seen similar feature in chatpdf. And it’s a life saver.

Basically, if there is memory of all the chats within a folder, it would be such an awesome feature