Organizing chats into folders

Implementing a folder organization feature for chats could greatly benefit users who frequently engage with ChatGPT. At present, we often have to sift through extensive chat histories multiple times to find the captivating content we wish to review. Are there any plans to incorporate chat organization capabilities into the ChatGPT interface?


Agreed. This is one of my top request.


munjyong’s chrome extension is an excellent solution. Easy to create folders and sub-folders and to rearrange chats. Strong search function as well.

Hi munjyong,

Thank you for making this, it sounds great

Am I correct in understanding that this is currently only an extension for Google Chrome and can’t be used with other browsers?

Hey, I’m building a ChatGPT with an improved interface, folders are the next feature in the list Show your interest and support! I’m aiming to improve AI interfaces significantly


I would agree. This is my top feature request. It would be great if we could organize our conversation threads in the left sidebar into separate folders and sub-folders, instead of having them all grouped by timeline. I’m in the middle of a large data analysis project analyzing hundreds of pages of documents by different topics. It would make it easier to navigate between topics by being able to organize my different topics and threads into folders, especially as we begin to work on different datasets and datasets in the weeks and months ahead.

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Totally agree. Commenting to show my support.

I agree we need this function. My chats are out of control, and searching through them is time-consuming.

Does anyone have a unique hack or workaround in ChatGPT versus a third-party extension? I switch between devices and non-synching folders on different devices is not an option. I would use the Chrome extension if it synched…

i was about to create a new feature request to open ai to add folders in chatgpt but i found this i think open ai should put this in top priority

Please. Please Implement this. I have multitudes of different types of conversation threads. Picking through and finding specific ones amongst others is very frustrating. This would greatly improve productivity.