Feature Request for ChatGPT: Add a flexible search function

I propose that ChatGPT adds a flexible search function that can search for text throughout all chats.

Currently, ChatGPT only allows users to search for specific keywords within individual chats. However, this can be time-consuming, especially for users with multiple chats or long conversations. By implementing a flexible search function, users can easily find relevant information across all their chats, without having to manually search each one. Similar to the one that is available in GitLab for instnace.

The search function could have filters such as date range, specific chat groups or participants, and even sentiment analysis =). Additionally, it could be easily accessible from the main interface, making it quick and easy to use.

By adding this feature, ChatGPT would become even more versatile and user-friendly, providing a more streamlined experience for its users. It would also save users time and effort, making it easier to find the information they need.


I would greatly appreciate it too if I could easily access previous chats without having to open multiple ones or rename them for easier searching…


Search chat history is an important function for subscribers and heavy users. Being able to quickly find old chats could reduce server demand and redundancy.


It would also be nice to be able to tag conversations. I originally thought organizing them in folders, but tags would be so much better.


tbh I can’t quite believe that this feature isn’t available, it’s bonkers annoying!

I have a lot of chats, many of which are on similar topics - the fact we can’t search them, tag them or organise them is seriously slowing me down!!


I would love to see this feature as well! I’d often spend hours on a specific prompt just to be unable to find it weeks later because it was buried under too many chats.

Yes… I know I can save the chats externally, but accessing it within a single UI makes a world of difference in terms of user experience.


Searchability of all open chats would be a game changer. I waste all the time Chat GPT saves me when it comes finding a chat created a few weeks ago.


I agree! This would be very helpful.

The iOS app has a search function, why is this not the case on chatgptDOTcom

It is quite an annoying task to find old chats again so that you can continue them or refer back to them