Feature Request: Ability to Pin Chats

Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest a feature that I believe would be incredibly useful for users of the OpenAI platform. Specifically, I would like to see the ability to pin important conversations within the chat interface.

As many of us use OpenAI for a variety of tasks and conversations, it can be difficult to keep track of all ongoing discussions. Often, we find ourselves searching through old messages to find a conversation that we need to revisit, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

By allowing users to pin certain conversations, we could easily keep track of important discussions without having to sift through irrelevant messages. This would be especially useful for those of us who use the platform for work or research purposes, where we may have multiple ongoing conversations that require our attention.

With the ability to pin chats, we could easily pick up where we left off in important discussions, even if we’ve had other conversations in the meantime. This would save time and help us to stay organized, ultimately improving our productivity and overall experience with the platform.

I believe that adding this feature would be a valuable addition to the OpenAI platform, and I would love to hear the thoughts of other users on this suggestion. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I think this feature would be exceptionally useful in the way that both myself and some of my co-workers use ChatGPT. I would like to add that if we were given the ability to pin chats, those chats should be made exempt from the “clear conversations” option, so that the long on-going conversations we want to keep do not get deleted if we simply want to clear the various short-term conversations.

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I was just about to post this request! Pinned conversations would be SUPER HELPFUL. I am hesitant to start new conversations for simple questions because I don’t want my important conversations that I frequent to get lost in the clutter. And deleting conversations is time consuming because it reloads the page each time.

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Same here. This would be a great addition

Would be very great! :partying_face:
I really hope it gets added in the near future!

would like to add to this; pinned chats would be great, however also enabled via the api. Such that it can be changed on the fly programmatically. Persistence of certain messages and instructions that always remain in context would be fantastic. Also the ability to clear the context, as well clear all except for pinned messages and or Cust instructions.

this can be done programmatically already, but I mean esp within server side memory where you could choose active files to remain in context. And be able to use either the ui or the api to interface with the workspace. Imagine have generated file or uploaded file (txt instructions) that remain in context pinned. Would be helpful for everyday users, and for devs who want a kind of device agnostic spot to store small bits of code & files when running.

having pinnable chats that would stay even if I click the delete all option is desired



+1 The ability to pin chats, or specific messages inside chats as well, with answers you rely on quite often.

+1, I would appreciate pinning priority chats or regularly used ones since rebuilding context is annoying.

Using Chat GPT in place of search engines creates hundreds of worthless little chats that I have to scroll through in order to find the long living chats. A way to sort these different kind of chats via something like pinning, saving, or favoriting chats would be really useful.

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+1 please lets have this, i also suffer from chatgpt web searches taking up too much space.

Then i could finally build and save a thread on my favourite recipes from chatgpt…

Would love this feature. Some kind of chat storage would be great, like bookmarking.

I noticed the request made 6 months ago. It should be easy to implement this.
The more I use ChatGpt, the more important this feature becomes: to pin and mark chats as favorites, to search the chats, and to delete all chats not marked as favorites.

Integrate with a distributed database with billions of messages from hundreds of millions of users needing to be populated with new metadata and tables, new API communication methods and database queries, endpoint changes, and client software modifications, new network call patterns, deployment testing and regression evaluations.

Simple for you.

Would love the same features! Here to +1. I have several dedicated chats for my needs, I know I can use gpts as I’m a premium, but sometimes I don’t need that complexity to minor usecase but routinely used

I hope this gets implemented, would love this feature also.

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Yes, please implement this feature.
Very need this feature, please.

That’s a no-brainer. Please add this.

I came here to request this feature. The ability to pin would be exceptionally useful. In addition: being able to hide all non-pinned chats would be a great addition.

I agree pinning chats would be nice! I am curious as to what peoples use cases are for returning to old chats?

I rarely return to chats and often start new ones when the context gets too long
because it starts to hallucinate.

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