Feature Request: Ability to Pin Chats

I can’t speak for others who want the same feature, but for me at least, it’s purely referential.

Every once in a while I’ll get those gold nugget conversations that end up providing extremely helpful info that I refer back to multiple times, and it’d be nice to have it up front and center so I don’t have to sift through things constantly.

I’ll also occasionally develop a useful prompting technique, and I forget which conversation I did it in, so I end up having to dig around everywhere to find it :laughing:.

In the meantime, I mentioned this in another post but I’ll occasionally edit a convo’s name with a star or something at the beginning so I can at least mark which ones I thought were important enough to refer back to.


Yes, please add this feature, OpenAI. Our ChatGPT feeds are unspeakable messes, they need organising!

I want my chats to pin so all my prompts will be saved in a single chat instead of giving prompts again in a new chat.

That would be amazing, wondering why this hasen’t been developed yet, it’s so frustrating.

I just created a chrome extension to pin chat replies within a conversation. Apparently can’t share links here but if you search “PinGPT” in the chrome store you can find it.

v2 will allow pinning conversations (left sidebar) - coming soon