Faster way to instruct ChatGPT about length and format of responses - hot keys

ChatGPT 4 Suggested Feature:
Offer users a better way to control format and length of responses.

  • Many users find it cumbersome to specify their desired response format and length using vague instructions like Can you make that a little shorter? or Can you format that in bullet points and make it longer? . These requests lack precision and can lead to inefficient interactions.
  • The way it is now, there is no indication of the length or depth of the response. I believe the default length ChatGPT uses is between 4 - 5 range - at least that’s what ChatGPT told me.
  • Consider a solution similar to a ChatGPT App I wrote in AImarkdown Script which I developed and is still under development - MIT license.


I see that Google Gemini Advanced has this feature, which I appreciate - although I don’t like to reach for the mouse any more than I have to. I guess it is OK on my iPhone.

Gemini Screenshot

I have created a ChatGPT App, and a ChatGPT Builder App that makes is so easy to take control of ChatGPT responses. MIT license.
** Screenshot**
This is a screen shot from a sample question: Tell me about JavaScript

ChatGPT Builder App

  • Note it can work without builder by just pasting in .aimd code to any chat session. Article

But what about the clutter ?
I do realize the importance of not cluttering the ChatGPT interface. Google Gemini has lots of clutter. I develop my AImarkdown apps mainly on my phone, and that is where I use ChatGPT the most.

I can make Response Dial to completely reduce UI clutter, by adding a /hide and /show commands for managing instructional messages.

Then, the only addition to the ChatGPT interface would be the (5/10) that is appended to every AI response, indicating its length between 1-10. These features are currently in beta testing.

Maybe ChatGPT could do the same.

AImarkdown Script Code Snippet

hide_message: Hide the instruction box on the bottom 
trigger: /hide

show_message: Show the instruction box on the bottomr
trigger: /show

Thanks for considering my request.