FAQ Chatbot with huge Database

Good Morning guys,

I am a single developer in a marketing bussiness. Most of our clients are hotels which always have to deal with the same stupid questions from clients. Thats why i came up with the idea of programming an AI chatbot which deals with this questions. My question is, how can i give this data to my chatbot? I mean i have setup an excel file for my clients where they simply write down question and answer. Is there any way I can tell che chatbot to answer only to questions he can find in this list and still being able to make conversations?


Well, when you are having a public facing chatbot, there’s always an extra level of checks you need to do to prevent hallucination or misuse.

Take a look at this it may help you with your setup. You don’t need to use a local agent, you can simply use OpenAI Api or any other provider you like.

Thank you, I will try.

Still if someone has another input i am always happy to see different solutions.

Thank you guys

Hey, hey.

It depends where you’re chatbot is being built, and how you’re displaying it and how you’re connecting to OpenAI.

Assistants already have a place where you can System Instructions and a Knowledge Base. Then you just call the Assistant for your Chatbot.

I use a Customer Service Chatbot that fulfills the same function developed on Zapier. You can similarly upload files, or use one of the Zapier Tables if you want something more than one person can access. Otherwise, this is just an Assistant but they do the coding for the chatbot and offer other low-to-no-code solutions.

In the System Instructions, clearly reference the spreadsheet as a FAQ, and the bot will go right to the answer.