Failed to get service (orange)

Whenever I try to reload I get “failed to get service status” and my chat history keeps on loading.

what do I do?
Is something wrong with my account or like the system?
Is anyone else facing this kind of problem?

I think it’s down for most people right now. Mine is working, but the logo in the chat is orange instead of green, which is weird.

You’ll just have to wait or use a 3rd party service to access it.

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Thanks but it’s working again now!

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If it works, it rarely
Basically, it takes a very long time to think, and an error crashes

  • icon is orange, not green

Guis i think we will have to use bing ai​:skull::skull::skull:

For me the chat gpt bit just went down and stopped working.

Also wdym it almost always is green and works exept issues like these.

It also happened with me​:disappointed_relieved::sob::sob::cry: