Failed API Call using Status Failed

I’m using ChatGPT-4-1106-preview to analyze a pdf document and make a report. I’m using Make .com to upload the document and to make the api call. Since yesterday it was working well, but sudendly after yesterday’s API latency error it has been giving problems.

The issue is that when I make the API call to upload the document it works fine but when I make the API call to my GPT Assistant it gives me an instant error marking the operation status as failed.

Anyone know what could it be? Thx

In case anyone is acquainted with Make .com, here’s the error:


  • type: RuntimeError
  • message: Run has been ended with an invalid status “failed”.

Have you resolved this issue? I’m facing the same.

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Hey, same here. It’s been 5 days and cannot fix it

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Was working all day then suddenly "invalid status “failed” for hours now.

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