Extract.ai: A VS Code Extension to Streamline Code Copying for ChatGPT

I’m thrilled to share a tool I’ve developed that’s specifically tailored for developers working on AI projects. It’s a Visual Studio Code extension called Extract.ai, and it’s designed to enhance the way you interact with code during your development process with ChatGPT.

Why I Created Extract.ai

As someone constantly uses AI tools for projects (like ChatGPT), I often found myself struggling with the mundane task of copying code snippets, along with their necessary contexts and dependencies, in a way that AI models can readily utilize. I realized that this was a bottleneck not just for me but potentially for other developers too.

What Extract.ai Offers

With Extract.ai, you can:

  • Highlight code in VS Code, right-click, and select “Copy Code For AI.”
  • Automatically copy not just the code you select but also intelligently identify and include all relevant references and dependencies.
  • Ensure the copied snippet is well-formatted and structured, making it more digestible for AI models.

Currently Supports JavaScript and TypeScript

For now, Extract.ai supports JavaScript and TypeScript, as these are widely used in many AI projects. Depending on how things go and the community’s needs, I plan to expand this to include more languages.

Try It Out

You can download Extract.ai from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace =

I built Extract.ai to make our lives a bit easier but I know it’s not perfect yet. I would love your feedback, suggestions, or even bug reports to help make Extract.ai better for all of us. Please try it out and let me know your thoughts