Exceeded quota on new dev account/project?

Just signed up for a dev account, new org and project where it says I’m in the free tier with $100 / mo credit. Yet when I execute the example code I get this error:

429 - You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details

AFAICT there are no set limits (b/c not paid account) and the Free Tier should account for this?

There is no functional “free tier” any more, as OpenAI is no longer granting $5 in trial credits to new accounts.

Instead, you must fund the account with a prepayment to use API services. Then you also will be granted access to GPT-4 and higher limits beyond what an account that was only using free credits of the past. You will need to create your first API key and perform any phone validation required.

You can see your actual credit balance ($0.00) and add a payment method here:


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