[ESCALATING TO URGENT] Another "Can't Login" Issue, but with Google OAuth? (Paid Subscriber)

I signed up my ChatGPT account (paid) using the Google Sign-In option. Now, whenever I want to login to ChatGPT using the Google option, it tells me to select the account I want to login with, but doesn’t progress past that page at all. You click the account, nothing happens. No request sent to Google for confirmation, nothing. Stuck on this screen:

You click that account a few times, nothing happens.

It’s not a Google issue I don’t think as I was able to create this forum account using the Google Sign In option just fine, so I’m assuming it’s something with the Google OAuth functionality of ChatGPT? Kind of annoying when you see “service restored” on the subscription to the maintenance issues, but can’t login with Google. Would be nice to be able to setup an alternative login type (like say, migrate from Google Sign In to username/password)?

For clarity, I have restarted my computer, cleared cache, tried using incognito mode, and even tried a different browser. Issue persists.



I have also tried completely uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it, deleting ALL cookies and browser history (All Time), same issue, yet I am able to “sign in using Google” on other websites.

When I try to sign in using the “Email” option, of course it says “this email account is associated with another login type, please login using the correct login type”, so I’m basically just locked out, as a paid subscriber. Hopefully someone sees this and looks into it as I’m guessing from the few likes on this post that others are having similar issues?


@logankilpatrick Tagging you as I assume you’re on here reviewing issues. Thanks for taking a look.

Please follow up with a support ticket at https://help.openai.com so the team can start looking into it

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Same here, only happen on my Windows 11 computer. (potentially the same thing win a fresh install of win10 too, but I am not sure.

Interestingly enough, I was able to login with the same account here, using the same “broken” way to login to chatgpt…

Feels like something with the chatgpt login only…


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Por favor, necesito ayuda con mi cuenta, no puedo escribir, no puedo pagar suscripcion, no me carga el historial. Ya escribi en el chat de help y no tuve respuesta, mande emails y tampoco obtuve respuesta. Muchas gracias por su ayuda!

@mattmoneywilson - I had the same issues for a few days and think I just figured it out - it was NordVPN. They have this service called web protection, which is on even if you are not on the VPN itself. I disabled it and I am finally back in.


@AISec YOU ROCK! That was it for me too, I have NordVPN on my computer and switched that off, and voila! Would be nice to have that on, and just exclude google/chatgpt domains from it, or whatever domains were causing the issue anyway. Thanks a million!

No problem and glad it worked. Cheers!

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I got the exact same issue. The solution posted by AISec worked. Thanks

I have similar issue when I click on login with google account, but i’m being redirected to the sign up page. Is there any solution that you can provide for this problem