Error with web browsing on multiple pages


I get a response error everytime I prompt a long list of tasks, each including a web browsing step.


I assume the reason is that there is a limit to the size and/or number of pages that can be retrieved at once. I am curious to what those limits are. This is related to one of the many insightful questions asked on Understanding ChatGPT web browsing - methodologies for accessing and interpreting web pages. This information would be useful when engineering efficient search pipelines. (by the way, I’d love to read the answer to the other questions there as well!)

By the way, another hint this is a size limit (and the size limit is at least larger than four documents) is One Prompt, Multiple News Sources: ChatGPT Web Browsing in Action, which accomplishes the desired behavior for n=4

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I believe the number of pages isn’t the problem, it’s how long it takes to run the prompt. My observations, regardless of the specific tool (browsing, coding), indicate a ceiling around 3 minutes.

One problem is that after exceeding the time limit, ChatGPT does not give the option to continue the prompt, it just breaks and has to start over.

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Oh, it makes a lot of sense that this is a time limit. It would be amazing if we could get partial results when the time limit is reached, or at least a more explicit error message :slight_smile:

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