504 Gateway Time-out Error

I am trying to use the ChatGPT API. All my prompts work fine except my longest prompt. When I use this prompt no response is sent for a few minutes and then I get an error with a HTML page which’s title is ‘504 Gateway Time-out’ and in the body it says ‘nginx’

I am using Chat GPT 3.5 turbo

Can you provide us the code? Hard to help without more information. (P.S. Please click the formatting button to make the code readable on here!

The thing is im using MIT Appinventor which is a block based app coding platform

Here is a link to the page in their docs about it.

Here is another similar link

And I’ve also attached an image of the blocks code hope it helps.

It seems the links didnt attach im sending them again here:



Of the two requests im making, the first one works perfectly however the second one doesn’t and eventually gives a Gateway Time-out error

I’m unfamiliar with this system, perhaps they have a community you can reach out to for help? This might be a problem specific to the platform you’re using

It seems the issue was that the prompt was far too long. Its working after using a smaller prompt. Thx for the help!

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