ERROR 502 Bad Gateway Can not access my account

HI all
please help
All day i havent been able to access my account.
Error 502 keeps coming up bad gateway
Im a paid user and used it sucessfuly yesterday.
I have sent countless emails to support but to no avail.
has anyone had this issue


Same here. I’ve been suffering from this for two days, even as a plus member… This is aweful!

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I’ve also been down for 2 days with a 502. cloud flare location changed, though. I’ve tried different browsers and devices.

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Go to

Open a support ticket using the bottom right chat :mag: in the lower right corner.
Select → 'Login or Sign up Issues’
Followed by ‘No
Then provide email and explain Gateway Issue

This method will trigger an internal response to the devs on call. The more support tickets the faster we get this handled.