Envisioning the Future: What Should a GPTPlay Store Offer?

Aim of the Discussion:

  • Primary Objective : To harness the collective creativity and expertise of the community to generate innovative ideas and practical suggestions for a GPTPlay Store.
  • Direct Benefit : The insights gathered from this discussion are intended to offer valuable feedback and actionable ideas to the owners and developers of ChatGPT

Discussion Invitation:

  • Objective : To gather diverse perspectives and ideas for the development of the GPTPlay Store.
  • Key Questions :
    • What features and functionalities are essential for its success?
    • How can we ensure it meets the needs of a varied user base, including tech enthusiasts and professionals?
    • What ethical considerations and safeguards are necessary?

Importance of Community Input:

  • Target Audience : Developers, AI technology users, and those interested in the future of AI.
  • Role of Contributions : Your ideas are crucial in shaping an inclusive, innovative, and forward-thinking GPTPlay Store.


  • Call to Action : Encouragement to participate in brainstorming and sharing insights.
  • Vision : To collaboratively shape a future that maximizes the potential of GPT and AI technologies.

I have gone through all the demo apps, and they are good. The issue is not about their quality but rather about how GPTapp behaves. If we input a prompt that is not relevant to the app’s design, the app will respond using ChatGPT’s general intelligence. This results in the app mixing with the broader GPT capabilities, which can lead to GPT’s hallucinations. If similar questions are asked subsequently, the app may answer based on its previous state. This behavior can disrupt the app’s specific purpose. For example, if I’m using a Canvas app with the aim of generating images according to canvas standards, and I ask it to generate a Python code example, it might comply, leading to an unintended flow in the GPTApp. Of course, this can be mitigated by app owners who can check the relevance of each user prompt to the app’s goals. If the prompt is relevant, it can proceed; otherwise, it should respond that the request or prompt is not relevant.