Enterprise Option for Plugins?

Wondering if there’s been any talks about offering plugins on an Enterprise level for ChatGPT Enterprise.

I think we’d pretty easily be able to offer an Enterprise version of Prompt Perfect and would be a good way for plugins to expand their business model.

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There’s “been talks”… of just turning them off.

What do you envision an Enterprise version of a plugin to be?

I can’t answer, but I can’t imagine there has been any discussion about making segregated plugins just for Enterprise accounts.

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Oh wild, I didn’t know they already had access, I probably need to do some more digging there.

For us we would probably set it up with:

  • unlimited uses for all team members
  • dedicated support
  • workshops/tailored education for all team members

If we look at the landscape of fly-by-night plugins, like “record my chat history”, by “404 not found”, a good approach to earning the :briefcase: Enterprise Ready seal they could place on plugins would be data retention policies, compliance with “forget me” laws, self management of information, etc. and other corporate compliance policies placed on developers of such applications.


OAI has approved a lot of plugins that have business models. Most notably Zapier/Instacart

Normally it’s one where people can use the plugin a certain amount of times for free and then to use past that quota they offer paid plans.

Not sure why the snappy response.

The reality is OpenAI’s guidance is very loose/non-specific and they are clearly allowing plugins with business models.

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Good point. It could be catastrophic if a plugin endorsed in the marketplace was found to retain data / potentially top-secret company information :flushed:

How could a certification process even work? Open source? Specific & tested privacy policies by the plugin dev?

There is a plugin that helps with stocks. People found the code for it and saw that ChatGPT was told to only recommend the user to a certain stock company. Having a verification system where people go through the plugin making sure it does what it says without taking information and misinforming people.

As long as plug-in providers don’t have any other means to identify the user type, (free, plus, enterprise), the only way I see is to differentiate the customers during the sales process.

Are you a Enterprise customer/do you need Enterprise services?

If yes, set up a call, else proceed as usual.
Later one can identify the different user categories via id.

It has been brought up before that Open AI is looking into a more general AI app store, but what that could entail nobody really knows.
Maybe we get some updates at the developer conference but until then it’s a somewhat restricted funnel at the top.

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