GPT Plus subscription fee revenue sharing?

Hey OAI team, fellow plugin store devs,

Just curious if there’s been any discussion on the short and long erm plans for monetizing Plugins, By making it a ChatGPT Plus exclusive feature, it’s undoubtedly driving an uptick in subscriptions. But even the most savvy monetization minds I’ve spoken to are still totally just winging it in term of business planning. And that’s brutal as a bootstrapped dev.

For instance, pay-walling our plugins after they’re behind a $20 pay-wall is a significant factor in the viability of our businesses. And has huge implications on user experience development, and go-to-market strategy.

Just going to get the dialog rolling on this because I’m not sure if I am just blind, or maybe there hasn’t been much discussion on it yet.

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There has been no communication from OpenAI regarding the monetization of plugins other than to say,

  1. It’s not something they support.
  2. It’s not something they are looking to support at this time.

Where’d you hear that? I read the complete opposite re: monetization. Though, I do believe the aren’t interested in adding in paid-plugin download (like point-of-sale) in the plugin store frontend.

But that’s not the only way to monetize…

As I see it right now, the value proposition is simply eyes on product. ChatGPT is the fastest growing, hottest tech property ever to have existed, you spend a few weeks to a few month developing an absolute stormer of a Plugin and you get ALOT of eyes on.

Maybe at some point down the road you will be able to build a direct monetization path, but right now… it’s basically free space to put your brand, your product, your service, your name, your mark.

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And here

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i wouldn’t bank on rev share.

personally I don’t see it as a plus exclusive feature. I see it as plus users get first access to beta features that they can test and provide feedback on.

I’d operate under the assumption that the plan is most likely to roll out plugins to all users at some point down the road.

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I’d operate under the assumption that the plan was most likely to roll out a cutoff date for “free beta”.

"Will it be FREE forever?

“we will have to monetize it somehow at some point; the compute costs are eye-watering” - Sam Altman

11:38 PM · Dec 4, 2022

They may have shifted to a strategy of robust plus features as an enticement to go beyond the shareware version.

Consider that at least your plugin is seen by people that are willing to pay for stuff, and you can strategize about the service and conversion your API can offer.

The name “plugin store” doesn’t align with free plugins…so maybe you get “included with plus subscription” or “buy”, which would make a better case for some revenue.