Email receipts to billing email address

Not a very exciting one, but it would make my life much easier. I have to manually download a receipt for our Teams subscription and send it to the credit card holder (someone else in my organisation) every month. If I could get the receipt emailed to a ‘billing email address’ every month that would allow me to automate the whole thing so I could spend more time developing ChatGPTs. :slight_smile:


+1 on this request. I’ve searched through OpenAI help section, there’s nothing about the possibility to get an automatic invoice over email. This is a quite standard feature and would help me as a small-medium size enterprise a lot in minimizing administration!


An absolutely needed feature; I am very surprised it doesn’t exist yet.

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+1 Very needed feature for efficiency and automation purposes

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100% yes to this feature. Just do it!

I completely relate to this! It would also be a game changer for me if OpenAI could send subscription receipts directly to our emails. Having them emailed would streamline the whole process and save a lot of time and manual effort each month. This functionality would definitely help those of us looking to focus more on our projects rather than administrative tasks. Looking forward to hearing if others are in the same boat and if there are any temporary solutions to manage this more efficiently. :blush: