(edit: Impossible)How-To: Backup(Export Data) and Recover Conversations

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I know - a lot of postings about lost chats. If there is already an answer for this, I couldn’t find it…

I don’t want to lose my conversations, so I try to prepare for this fallout… My English is ok, but not as good as GPT’s… :slight_smile: GPT helped me with that question. I hope we can find a description to show everyone how not to lose conversations.

I have used the export function to make a backup of my conversations, but I couldn’t find any clear instructions on how to restore them. Was it implied that I need to manipulate my browser’s cache and place the files there? I’ve encountered many suggestions to ‘use the export function and recover from them,’ but the meaning behind this advice remains unclear to me. Could you provide more specific guidance on how to proceed?

Thanks a lot in advance.

You can’t restore them, that is not possible.

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Thank you for replying. I am wondering, since at all this “lost my chats, help” topics, are the answers to use export.
edit: and “no export, no recovery”, since openai doesnt store them.

Use the export to maintain a record of the chat.

If you wanted to recreate it you could, for instance, do so using the API, but the chat will never be back in ChatGPT.

Is it possible to fill a new chat with own text with the api? Maybe a workaround could be to extract text from the json files and push them into the chat.

No. You cannot control the responses.

You could re-enter all of the user messages, but the assistant messages will all be different.

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Thanks. Since your Profile shows so many “scores”, i think this will be all correct. As a bit sad it is for me. :frowning:
I will edit the topic to “not possible”…

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