Easiest way to turn a generation into something physical?

I’m interested in trying to turn some of my AI generated images into something physical. It would be super cool to have some of these lamps in real life. Any ideas on the best way to go about this?

I was thinking of trying to convert into a 3D mesh and then using a 3D printer to create it. I believe I could use Google’s DreamFusion to accomplish but open to other ways. However, I’m unsure how well these shapes would translate into something that could be printed. And then there’s the electrical stuff with the lamp I’d be unsure how to add if I took this approach.

The other option is to find a company that I could order from. Does anyone know of a company like this where you can just send a picture and they’ll make it. I’d guess it would have to be one with additive manufacturing. (If there’s nothing out there like this, I’d be down to explore possibilities in this space, I believe this could be the future of retail, like imagine in WayFair you just generate your own lamp and they have a way to make it and ship it to you).

Finally, I could just try to build it myself. Not sure where to even start with something like this though, open to suggestions.

^ Also, if creating a lamp isn’t feasible, I could just make a toy like the last two blue bears.

The purpose of this project isn’t necessarily to create the best lamp for myself. It’s more of an experiment in customized building and thinking about the future of this kind of tech. I want to write a blog post on what I learn and how I think this will impact different industries and change how we approach customization.

Would really appreciate any advice! I’m super excited about this space and my DMs are open to chat with anyone else who wants to bounce ideas.

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