DPI of images at least 300 DPI?

Hi, I noticed that DALL E, and also the gpts that use dall e, generate images at 96 DPI. I tried specifying in the prompt to generate images at 300 DPI (I need them for prints) but without success. Is there a way to have DALL E 3 generate images at 300 dpi?

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I was trying the same thing it was only giving me images that are 1024x1024 at 72 dpi and thats what it told me when I asked for 300 dpi image so your out of luck, you can always get a program like Topaz Photo AI and upscale your images which is what I do.

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They don’t give specifics, I believe, but there is a SD and HD designation. As the price doubles for HD, I imagine a lot of the tools (especially free ones) are using the SD resolution…

quality (‘standard’ or ‘hd’): The quality of the image that will be generated. ‘hd’ creates images with finer details and greater consistency across the image. Defaults to ‘standard’.

ETA: Curious, I opened one of the HD photos from here in Photoshop, and it appears to be 72 DPI too… That said, upscaling is a possibility now.

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Thx but do these upscaling programs actually increase DPI or is it just a nominal increase? Because I really need the images to be at least 300 DPI otherwise, when I go to print them, they will all be completely grainy.

Depends on the source image and the tool you use?

This page seems to go over a few of them, but I haven’t looked too closely…

Thx, what site do you use for upscale images?

I wanted to ask this question as well. Yes 96 DPI I use my old photoshop CC
from 8-9 years ago still and the best output I can do for a photo print in landscape mode is 30cmx18cm. even then the image show s obvious upscaling with artifacts ( ??? word starts with A and its not anti aliasing…) trouble is many variations of prompting have not done anything other than 16:9 ratio or 1.85:1.
72-96 dpi is not a lot to work with.