Does openai offer shared API account or team API plan?


I am a member of my supervisor’s research lab. I am using API to do a research project and my supervisor covers the cost for it. We got the GPT team plan but it is for the chatbot and not the API. So to access the API I still to cover the cost myself. What would be a solution for us?

An organization. Your supervisor can create an organization and invite you to it. They can then give you access to some or all of the organization’s API keys, but you don’t have to deal with any of the billing; your supervisor would cover it.

@yumeng.zeng you (or yoursuperviser) can invite teammates to be part of your organization account through the “members”. Everyone receives their own API, but you have an option to observe teammates

I would not recommend doing what @Margarethkey recommended because you would still have to pay for your API usage.

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i have recently completed a team’s account as the owner and using API. My question is how I can view the actions of my teammate?

we are using github and implementing a code review process. This allows visibility into how the API is being used.