Does ChatGPT organization API collect my data?

I often use OpenAI Playground or the Python API to feed code or files to ChatGPT to help me write documents. However, I’m concerned that it might save my inputs and use them as training data, so I’m hesitant to feed it any sensitive files directly. Instead, I spend a lot of time manually anonymizing the content before letting it help me generate the final text.

I would like to know if OpenAI collects my input data for training purposes when accessing ChatGPT and other models through the Organization API Key. Is there any chance that my input data could be leaked to other users in some form (e.g., being mentioned by ChatGPT in a conversation)?

Interactions since Mar 1, 2023 through the API are not used by OpenAI unless you opt-in. In contrast, all data you share through OpenAI web apps is used unless you specifically opt out.

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