Does OPEN AI API use API data for training?

As said in my last post I’m feeding OPEN AI private data, which I would not like the model to be trained with.

currently im using embeddings and gpt 3.5 to ask questions

is the model being training on this data? if yes, is there any way to prevent that?

No, all data that you feed the API will not be used for training.

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thanks. could you provide me with any source/policy that says that? currently on my phone…

We do not train our models on inputs and outputs through our API.


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These OpenAI Business Terms govern use of our APIs, ChatGPT Enterprise, ChatGPT Team, and other services for businesses and developers.

3.2 Our Obligations for Customer Content. We will process and store Customer Content in accordance with our Enterprise privacy commitments. We will only use Customer Content as necessary to provide you with the Services, comply with applicable law, and enforce OpenAI Policies. We will not use Customer Content to develop or improve the Services.

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Models - OpenAI API

Here’s the data retention specifics for stuff sent to the API, the policies are endpoint specific so some data is retained for a number of days before being deleted.

As they both said above though, API data is never ever used for training.