Does anyone help me to fix it : openai.error.APIConnectionError

Is there any one help me to fix it?
My code below:
import openai
openai.api_key = “XXXXXXXXXXX”

将文本传递给 OpenAI API 进行处理

def generate_text(prompt):
response = openai.Completion.create(
text = response.choices[0].text
return text.strip()


prompt = “在一个阳光明媚的早晨,一个年轻人走进了一家咖啡店。”
generated_text = generate_text(prompt)

openai.error.APIConnectionError: Error communicating with OpenAI: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /v1/engines/davinci/completions (Caused by ProxyError(‘Cannot connect to proxy.’, OSError(0, ‘Error’)))

Process finished with exit code 1

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I’m from China and you use v2ray with Vultr VPS to access the global internet. I am wondering if my IP address from Vultr has been banned by openai api server.

did you solve the problem? I am experiencing the same trouble.

It seems all IP from vultr be banned. I’m stuck by the same trouble too.
Are there some bad things between openai and vultr?

All Vultr IPs are banned for unknown reason
But you can login from another IP and then switch to Vultr IP till session is alive