Does anyone have access to the new voice model yet?

I downloaded the desktop app from the other thread, I was able to sign in and I can use it. I like the UI and I have 4o available in the web and desktop apps, but when I have 4o selected and launch a voice conversation it’s still the old voice model. It doesn’t have the screen viewing or clipboard reading features that were demo’d. Anyone able to use it yet?

For me it also shows access to 4o, but when I tried it, it also seems like the old voice model not the one in the demo. It was not playful or flirty and did not sound so amazingly human as in the demo, which sounded a lot like in the movie “Her.” I even told it a joke and asked it if it can laugh or giggle, it said no, even though it clearly did so in the demo. I didn’t see the screen viewing or clipboard either. It’s perplexing.

Ah! I just found a post on Reddit with Sam Altman saying that the text version of 4o is current, but the new voice model has not yet shipped.

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Can you share the thread? It’s very perplexing, because it also looks like the image generation features haven’t shipped yet. The UI is claiming it’s 4o but even re-creating all of the stuff from

The very first prompt doesn’t generate the correct image. So is the image generation, image understanding, and voice all “not yet shipped”?


A first person view of a robot typewriting the following journal entries:

  1. yo, so like, i can see now?? caught the sunrise and it was insane, colors everywhere. kinda makes you wonder, like, what even is reality?

the text is large, legible and clear. the robot’s hands type on the typewriter.