DocChat - Summarize or Chat with any pdf, doc or ppt on any website

DocChat is a new way to summarize or chat with any pdf. document or ppt and its free to use.
It’s a new feature released by a ChatGPT chrome extension named Merlin AI.

Check it out at

How to use-
Install the extension, Open Merlin AI Chatbot, Upload your document, Choose to Summarize or Chat with the document.

Use it and drop your feedback in the comments.

Soon they are going to launch Website summarizer or webchat as well.


Hey, I just tried. Wanted to ask will it work for bigger PDFs? I’m a research assistant and will be very helpful for me if it can.

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Yup, you can upload bigger pdf as well to summarize or to chat.

And these pdf will also be available to you in your history.

Can I use it to find particular topics in a pdf document? It’ll make studying from e-books easier.

Yes, definitely. You can chat with the pdf inside Merlin AI Chatbot. You can ask any question from any particular topic mentioned in pdf, merlin replies you with the information mentioned in the pdf

there are lots of app available in market, personally i like