Ask & discuss PDFs - directly & privately in your ChatGPT account -

Hi guys I’ve created a ChromeExtension with which you can load PDF documents and ask questions, create summaries & discuss the loaded content.

Also works with large content.
You can use your account from ChatGPT & ChatGPT Plus for this (current limit on number of messages per hour & minute). Or directly with an OpenAI API key.

Here is how it works:
Content is split into smaller chunks. Each request is made to each chunk and then all responses from all chunks are used to generate the final response.

Since it is not always necessary to make the request to all pages of the PDF, for large documents only the relevant pages can be selected.

All loaded content is processed & stored locally in your browser only and sent directly to OpenAI. So no server or data transfer in the middle.

The extension also comes with the following additional features:

:bulb: Use the shortcut Alt+u to open ChatGPT on any website in your browser. Or customize the shortcut against one of your choice.

:memo: Discuss, summarize & ask questions about loaded web content, youtube videos, text files & PDFs directly in the ChatGPT chat.

:robot: Works with your ChatGPT & ChatGPT Plus account. Or use directly the OpenAI API.

:lock: Private by design. For all functions, your data is only stored directly in your local browser. All queries are made directly & privately between your browser and ChatGPT (OpenAI servers).

I know there are many similar extensions out there now. But maybe this extensions is still useful for one or the other.