Do I need to go through the approval process, if the API only serves me in the back end?


Quick question, I am a bit confused regarding the whole approval procedure. If I use the API to format documents with no direct user interaction to it, do I still have to go through the approval is can I do it as is?


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I would like to add to this question:

Do we have to go through the approval process if only semantic search is used, i.e. no text his being generated by AI? (Only “search” endpoint. Not “completion” or “answer”.)

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If you are serving API outputs to more than five people, for example general public, internal teams, or beta testing with external users, a Pre-launch Review Request is required. This also applies to the Search endpoint.


Hi Tabarak, I have a slightly similar question and didn’t want to make a new thread.

Our first of several use-cases is simple classification of user input on the back-end: analysis of public comments to determine which known musician(s) the comment is discussing.

However, GPT-3 returns a name (or short list of names) which is not served to users. Each name is processed and searched for in a database of known musicians on the server. From this point onward, the GPT-3 output is essentially discarded.

The server will tag the comment with IDs of the matching musician(s) from this database of known musicians, and external users may see the name of the musician(s) relevant to the comment.

In short, direct output from GPT-3 will never be displayed to external users and there is no way for a user to receive output directly from GPT-3.

Does this specific use-case fall under your definition of serving API outputs to users?

Thank you in advance for any help/advice.


Hi @s1 thanks for checking! Although the output is not served directly, this would still be considered going live since the API output is being served in a live app. I recommend that you submit a Prod Review. The process is pretty quick and we usually respond within 1-2 business days.


Thank you for your help @tabarak !

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