Do I need to do anything specific to use InstructGPT

I am completely new to this but I understand the basic concepts I think. I want to use this to help me answer pointless discussion questions for a class(for ideas not to just copy and paste) and from what I was reading the newer InstructGPT model is best for something like this. All the official stuff I read kept saying that they’ve made this the new default but also kept comparing it GPT-3 which seems to be what’s being used and I’m just confused if there’s something I have to do to access InstructGPT or just use ChatGPT regularly thank you for any help.

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My understanding is that Instruct-GPT was/is a fine tuned version of GPT-3 which is more specifically focused on completing instructions found in the initial part of the prompt. Since then the efforts of Instruct-GPT have become with further development Chat-GPT. Where I’m a little confused myself is whether Davinci-text-003 (the latest GPT-3 model) is a version of Instruct-GPT or the originally trained GPT-3? They are both the same model in any case. For getting ideas for completing homework, I’d recommend Chat-GPT. For trying to automate homework production, the holy grail of homework tools. You can try to use GPT-3, but be warned, it will likely hallucinate (make stuff up) around the subject.

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Yes, just like ChatGPT hallucinates so much also!


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At least with GPT, the hallucination can be moderated a bit around temperature and top-p compared to ChatGPT

See Figure 6 on page 11 in paper below.