Custom GPT to Serarch the GPT Store

Is there a way to connect a CustomGPT so that it is able to search the GPT store for relevant GPTs based upon a user’s specific task

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Not easily or officially.

You can use the backend-api endpoint to do a search with,

But, you’ll need to supply it with a valid session API key.


Try giving it a series of tasks in your instructions where it searches the internet for CustomGPTs based on user guidance. You can use Search Operators like Google’s to increase the specificity of your search.

The “About” field in the CustomGPT shows up in search results.

So, have your CustomGPT create a search based on the user criteria, like keywords in the Title or About section, and display the top 5 that seem relevant to the query.

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Google is a GPT search - of those that have been scraped.

including old domain results:

(to reveal some policy-violating GPTs.)

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