Difficulty Getting Pilot Program For Small Team to Demonstrate Use Cases to Organization Through the "Red Tape"

I’m part of a “Digital Experience” team / initiative in a large organization. We’re trying to Pilot OpenAI and some use cases using entirely publicly available content from our organization, in an effort to expose the org to OpenAI, Generative AI, and demonstrate some potential use cases.

This is proving a task due to red tape, baseline security requirements, approval committees etc. The acceleration of these technologies means we recognize that time is of the essence - but the org doesn’t necessarily see that yet (hence the need to pilot). We’re finding ourselves having to fill out checklists for policies, security requirements which the nature of this technology (and specifically our use case) doesn’t apply to. Lots of Y/N checkboxes where the answer is really neither.

Really looking for any help, or a point in the right direction. Hoping the community can help out. I can upload the Security Assessment Checklist need be.

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I’ve gone through this too. Just answer the questions as best you can, and make it crystal clear that only publicly available information is being sent to the API. Once the security team sees your answers, they’ll probably approve you. Or ask for a phone call with the security team to explain the context. That might make the process go more smoothly. The key is that you aren’t using any confidential company information. Do keep in mind though that the logical next step - building apps for the company - will likely involve the use of confidential information, so you’ll have to address the issue eventually.


Appreciate the thorough response! Will take this to team