Deposits to your API account expire in a year?

I just deposited a chunk of cash into my OpenAI developer account and when I look at the credits screen. It shows the deposit, but with a one year expiration. What the heck? They take your money away if you don’ use in a year? I couldn’t understand this for free credits granted to your account, but for actual cash you put into it yourself? I hope this is mistake. I’ll probably burn through it before the year is up, at least if the API stops being so slow soon, but this is very disturbing and is a bad look.


It is true. It was buried in the credit terms when forcing new users to prepay was first started.

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Is it possible to withdraw money from the account before they expire?

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Where can you find this credits screen? When I go to the Billing page (, I see the Credit balance, but no info about expiration date:

The credits and their reporting is convoluted, and you get some information on billing overview, and you get other information like breakdown and expiration on default organization usage.

Money goes in, and never comes back out.