Delay after purchasing credits?

Is there a delay between purchasing credits and the API becoming available again?
The purchase is successful, and credits are reflected on my account. But the API keeps responding with the 429 error code.

I’m assuming there is some delay. Does anyone know how long this takes?

Ok, it was a delay.
I’d say around 15 to 20 minutes after purchase, in case anyone finds this.


I don’t think this is a delay at all. I’m experiencing the same problem and I haven’t exceeded my quota. Both API and Playground don’t work, complaining about the same problem about exceeding my quota, which is false. I think the API is just experiencing problems right now.

I think you are talking about two different things. @Bai_Lan_Blues is, I think, talking about the new need to prepay and “buy credits” that OpenAI just instated. The error they give mentions “quota” but it’s not the user-set quota from the settings page; it’s the quota allotted by your current usage credits.

@Bai_Lan_Blues I found this thread because I just bought credits and it’s not working yet so I was seeing if anyone else noticed it being delayed. Thank you for your post!