Default voice for custom GPT


I’m encountering an issue with the default voice setting in my ChatGPT iOS app. Normally, it’s set to ‘Cove,’ but after developing a custom GPT, the voice has changed to an unidentified female voice. I’ve attempted to reset the voice in the instructions, but it hasn’t resolved the problem. Could this be a bug?



I’m having this exact same issue, and don’t see a solution for it anywhere online.

I have a few custom GPTs that I really prefer to use with Cove’s voice instead of the random female voices that seem to always get selected.


Also me, I’m having the same issue. The voice that gets automatically selected for the custom GPT is blunt, with no expression and unpleasing to talk to.
And apparently, there is no way to select Juniper’s voice, which is active on the general chat tab.
Does someone knows if there is a solution?

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I am also having this issue, I am wondering if anyone has found a fix for this bug? If I switch to general ChatGPT it uses the correct voice that I have selected in the settings, but if I switch to any custom GPT it uses the default voice instead and there does not appear to be a way to change it.

I’m having the same issue, not sure why this still hasn’t been fixed. Is this just not an option. If so it’s a missed opportunity.

Previously I thought this was a bug as it was possible on Android to exit the GPT chat, then return to it in the history list and then it would use the voice I had chosen in the GPT. Unfortunately, it seems that workaround was a bug, not the fact that it’s ignoring my voice option for custom GPTs! According to this:

Do GPTs use one of the five options of voices in ChatGPT?
No, GPTs have their own voice option named, Shimmer, that is distinctly different from the 5 output voices available to use when having voice conversations with ChatGPT.

So, unfortunately this is by design. I’m not sure how that design choice aligns with Sam’s comments that per-user customized AI is where things are headed. The customer interaction expectations are poorly served due to this not being made clear when selecting a voice, on top of the fact that we should be able to have “our” AI use the voice we want in GPTs as well as regular chats. I hope they reconsider this!

Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.