Data Used Across Custom GPTs

Hi all. I am creating an army of GPTs to help people in various ways (at no charge) but there is some information that I want to update centrally w/o having to retrain the army. I created a back-end web page on my web site (visible to public if they knew link) and tried to point my GPT there to access this info. It failed multiple times and the GPT has the specific link to access. Any thoughts on how I can overcome this? Thank You!

Instead of a website you can set up a simple API endpoint to return the content as plain text. This way a simple function call is needed.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I know nothing about this - is there no way to train it to read simple text from a plain web page with a block of text and not need an API?

As noted above, you require an API (easily created with FastAPI, for example), to mobilize the results (data flow) between the different potential users (endpoints).

Thanks - can you point me to a resource that may help me learn how to do this? I appreciate the help!