Using actions to “protect” custom GPT files

Hi OpenAI community

I am building custom GPTs intended to be creative assistants that are based on long text instructions and extended datasets (mostly .txt files) of case studies of structured outputs.

I don’t care at all about users accessing the prompts in the instructions, but I do need to protect the datasets in the knowledge as much as possible. From everything I have read from this community, it seems to be the best method (though notbulletproof) currently would be to host the files elsewhere and use actions to reference the files - or as it was phrased on a different post here to “The only strategy to “protect” custom GPTs recognized as viable is to move functionally from userspace to serverspace by using actions.”

In my case, the files I have in knowledge are used in a variety of ways:

  1. instructions to act in different modes / roles before answering users.
  2. Analysing datasets to generated specialised/contextual suggestions.
  3. Frameworks for improving / iterating answers.

It seems to me I could somewhat protect the contents of these files, by using actions to retrieve these files whenever needed. Currently my GPTs instructions contain specific prompts that indicate when and how to use each file, so my understanding is I would need to figure out how to configure actions to call the file and reference the action in my instructions rather than the file itself. I have web browsing and Dalle are enabled, but not code interpreter.

My questions for anyone who is familiar with this topic are:

  • is this approach is indeed the best strategy currently to protect files within a customGPT environment?
  • is it realistic for a novice like me who has no experience working with APIs, servers etc to be able to figure out how to set up actions to retrieve remote files?
  • Could the files be hosted on something like a google drive or as google sheets / google docs ? Or is there a better “easy” solution to host files for this unique purpose.
  • There’s a load of discussion and videos on actions, but any suggestions on good reads / tutorials for beginners would also be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.