Data Distillation: Generate custom instructions for ChatGPT using your own data

Image Created using DALL-E 3

Hey there everyone! This is my first attempt at sharing some of my prompt "engineering” tricks and techniques, so if people want to see more, please like this post and let me know! I’m more than happy to share more if folks are interested. Currently working on getting all my discovered techniques onto GitHub atm. I’m also new to posting and publishing on GitHub too, especially with the weird use-case that is prompt-engineering. I’ll be updating and adding stuff as I go to the best of my ability.

This guide should allow you to have more personalized interactions with ChatGPT leveraging successful conversations you’ve had with it before to create specialized prompts inside the “custom instructions” settings in ChatGPT. I call this data “distillation” and not something like “summarization” or “optimization”, because the key here is not to retain the same context or structure, but to condense and extract relevant data into something that is more suitable for this use case.

Keep in mind that this is aimed at using your own data to work with through this process with ChatGPT. The intention is to produce a personalized output for personal use. If you are not comfortable letting GPT work with such a dataset and the contents inside it, then this technique is likely not for you. Adapting this framework to handle alternative uses from other data (that you own) will have to be done by yourself. This cannot be done via API/CLI, as the “Advanced Data Analysis” plugin is required to perform this technique.

Check it out here: GitHub - MachaLvl99/PromptAlchemy-DataDistillation: A prompt-engineering technique for creating personalized custom instructions on ChatGPT

Next up, I’ll be writing up a technique for easy, actionable image prompting with DALL-E 3.

I will do my best to answer any questions and help out others when I can. Feel free to let me know what you think! I appreciate any and all feedback!

I hope you find this guide helpful!