Summarizing and extracting structured data from long text

So, I’ll try and pitch in here.
You could probably modify my technique I posted recently to help gather data about the guest: Data Distillation: Generate custom instructions for ChatGPT using your own data

If you want more granular help with that I’m happy to whip up a process for you.
Are you using ChatGPT at all? Do you have access to it?

I’ve been able to successfully summarize data (even outside the aforementioned technique) to my needs by leveraging the Data Analysis plugin, which can sometimes give me a leg up in creating a pseudo-broader context window. If we can figure out what makes your summary insufficient and if you could be more specific about what things are getting lost in context, that could help me out in finding a solution for you.

Also, while I haven’t tried it with the API specifically, I’ve given chunks of text before for the model to successfully summarize in aggregate, but the logic is slightly different.

It’s basically: chunk->summary1, chunk->summary2, chunk->summary3
Summary1 + Summary2 + Summary3 = Sufficient summary.

Granted, that’s for my specific use cases and from using the Data Analysis plugin to leverage the model summarizing internally before it presents an output, but maybe this could still help you?

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