Data between sessions are lost due to user privacy reasons

Was there a change in privacy now? The memory of chats I used for a long time are completely lost. It can not reference anymore to data I provided before and for the reason the answer was, data between sessions are lost due to user privacy reasons.? I thought data within the chats is getting stored? Without this feature, it will make it completely useless. For example, I used one chat for customer support. Now it won’t remember the correct responses I provided before.

: I’m sorry, but I don’t retain previous interactions for the sake of user privacy. You would need to provide the information again if you want to discuss or reference it.

(The chat is still completely there, but it won’t reference anymore to any of it.)

A chat is “stored” - in that you can see it in your user interface and it is in an OpenAI database that connects the past chat session to your conversation. The AI just isn’t provided all that you see every time you ask a new question.

The AI has a limited amount of words that can be passed back into its context length - a small amount of memory where your input prompt also goes.

ChatGPT uses a rather aggressive management strategy, where the AI will know what you were just talking about, and also will be able to recover some old chat on demand, but basically is forced to forget older parts of long conversations due to architectural limitations.

ChatGPT can’t answer those type of questions about itself; besides ChatGPT being newer than the information the AI was pretrained on, you get a bunch of canned answers from OpenAI that might not be applicable to exactly what you are asking.

I lost all my data and I dont know why? I was making a Team account, but till few hours ago.
I am desperate, because I lost the data of my organization and I have a dead line.
Please help