DallE2 self-portrait competition!

I’d like to propose a little friendly competition:

The goal is to get DallE to generate a self-portrait of yourself.


  1. It must be a painterly / art style (not a photograph)
  2. You can use in-painting to edit, but the first generation must be a prompt.
  3. Winner will be decided by likes within the community!
  4. You will probably need to share a picture of yourself along with your self-portrait.

Not there but definitely on the right track:

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Well, f. This wasn’t too far off, except for the weird blue and green dots in the face.

“Paint a 21st century of a 34 year old Brazilian of Greek and Spanish descendent. Face is slighly round, nose is on the larger size, small beard and slightly longer moustache. eyes are light brown, wearing blue plastic glasses, hair is medium short, with a weave towards the right, and has a small pompadour pointing up