DALLE won't load any photos

When uploading photos responds “hmmmm…something seems to have gone wrong”

went through all troubleshooting i.e. turned off VPN and cookie blocker, cleared cached, rebooted etc. etc. still same problem

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ye, I’ve got the same ;/
some days it works really good but now it is a little bit hard to receive what i want


You have chosen GPT builders/Action builders forum category, but this doesn’t sound anything like that.

DALL-E is the technology for creating images.

It sounds like you are providing ChatGPT uploaded images for computer vision or code interpreter processing in the normal user chat interface using the paperclip. You can clarify.

The big one for general troubleshooting: try a different browser, for example a newly installed Firefox Browser if currently using Chrome. That will let you know if issue related to web browser, such as stored data, extensions, profile corruption, etc.