Dalle Plugin Missing in ChatGPT

Is there a reason that the Dalle 2 plugin is no longer showing in the Plugin store for ChatGPT? Previously, I have been able to find it without issue. It looks like there are 3rd party developers that have Dalle access that are in there.

They took it down as the DALLE2.exp experiment is over and the plug-in was using that version, I believe. I’m hearing they’re hard at work on the next version. No details on when, unfortunately, but soon, I’m hoping. DALLE2.exp was really good…


Hi. I’m using HubCart POD Designer as an alternative :

Not sure it’s using dalle2.exp, but good enough for me

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Was this communicated to its customer base? Or is that too high an expectation?

I was referring to ChatGPT overall

I possess a subscription to Chat GPT Plus, though its name may have changed now. I had DALLE 3 as a plugin on my account and had also bought credits. Suddenly, the plugin disappeared without any explanation provided. Hence, my inquiry is whether the customers who were using DALLE 3 and had purchased credits were given any slight notification about the discontinuation of the plugin, and if there’s any information available concerning a refund. This approach to business is unsatisfactory. Used Chat GPT4 to ensure clarity.

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No you didn’t. There was never a DALL-E 3 plugin and you cannot buy DALL-E 3 credits.

It didn’t, because it never existed.

No, because no such customers exist.

If you want a refund, go to help.openai.com.

What approach to business?

Nothing you described happened.

Right now, if you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can generate pretty much as many images as you want with news DALL-E 3 model for no additional charge, so I’m 100% uncertain what it is you’re trying to communicate because nothing you’ve written so far makes any sense—it’s completely fabricated.

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It sounds like someone created a fake plugin posed as DALLE-3 and sold fake credits for it.

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I never argue with people who think they’re right. It’s a waste of time. So my 117 credit never existed oh great wise one :point_up:

Look, my friend…

It simply is not possible to purchase credits for DALL-E 3 at this time.

Did you maybe purchase credits for DALL-E 2?

If so you can use them at: https://labs.openai.com

If you “purchased” credits for DALL-E 3, then you were the victim of a scam. Presently, the only way to access DALL-E 3 is through the Bing Image Generator or using the DALL-E 3 model in ChatGPT Plus.

So, you can feign indignance all you want, but you’re the one who is mistaken.

For some time OpenAI did have a plugin available that connected ChatGPT to a version of DALL-E 2, but they took that down months ago.

If that’s what you’re talking about and those are the credits you purchased—again—you can use them at https://labs.openai.com.

In the future though, perhaps dismount your ever-so-high horse of righteousness and consider the possibility you might be wrong before you double down and make yourself look even more foolish.

Best of luck to you, friend.


The credits of Dall-E 2 are sold in bundles of 115, so I’m guessing you had run out of free usable credits and decided to re-up?

As mentioned, and made very clear: Dall-E 3 does not use a credit system. Dall-E 2 does. In fact, if you are taken directly to the Dall-E 2 website you wouldn’t have been made aware that you are using an outdated version.

If that’s the case, you are using the outdated version.

If somehow OpenAI accepted, or had a plugin that is titled “Dall-E” then I would be blown away, but not surprised.

Don’t. Trust. Paid Plugins.
Unless the service you use and love additionally offers a ChatGPT plugin, they (paid plugins) are not reliable, nor trustworthy, nor backed

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Again. thanks for the info and harsh correction. I never argue with those who think they are right. its futility. I do give advice. When correcting someone do it nicely. put your arrogance to the side. This way you wont miss out on gaining a very powerful friend. I learned so much from this simple thread ,like how there is no block function. In the words of my favorite character Rock Sanchez- I’m ooot! Peace lesson learnt. Thanks.

Do you mind atleast clarifying what your situation was? Was there a plugin labelled as Dall-E 3? For the next person?

There’s no hard feelings here. Lots of tough love though

There may be hundreds of people who end up here from Google (one of the most potent differences between Discourse and Discord) who are also looking for help.

You have to frame the result you’re looking for with a bit of precision. You are miffed at being ripped, so you write, “so my 117 credit never existed oh great wise one.” How about framing your query like this: “I had 117 credits to use DALLE-3 and they’ve vanished; anyone knows how I get my money back?” The issue is the fact that you are out of funds, not that you have access to DALLE-3. Who cares about DALLE-3 “now” when the longer your money is away from you, the harder it is to trace back to you. Fair?

I circled back and saw your response. thanks so much for taking the time to respond Unfortunately, I don’t engage rude random on the internet who make assumptions based on presumptions. I neither insult, nor demean because what would be the results? I do suggest you learn some manners and also understand the weight of your insignificance.

Again, never argue with someone who thinks HE is right.

I never said and don’t have an opinion on the isssue— all that I said is that it is the fact you have paid for something that was not delivered, so getting a refund has got to be the real issue. So I cannot be “right or wrong” on the outcome of the original issue. But your attack on my suggestion is at best a “tu quoque” argument, seeking to excuse the circularity in the argument by accusing me of the vice you condemn but engage in,

ok. Never argue with someone who thinks HE is right.