Dalle 3 Limited understanding of promts

I’m trying to build a mood board for mecha designs where each part is stand alone on the image. but dalle is unable to render my request without adding additional details.

Mecha torso without head or arms
mecha tail without legs.

perhaps there is a way I can delete and infill with AI?

several times I’ve had GPT4 spiral trying to get DALLE to cooperate.
but im making no ground.

Try to use 50-60 word in your description, start with describing the main subject and action with 30 words then next 30 words more about the background, environment, style … this will push the result more to want you need to achieve

tried that, doesn’t work.

Imagine a vast, dimly lit warehouse turned scrapyard, where a large ceiling crane suspends a segmented mecha tail. This tail, designed with pronounced industrial aesthetics, is made up of large, interconnected segments, each showcasing a complex assembly of armored plating, cables, and hydraulic systems. The segments are visibly worn and battle-damaged, featuring rust, dents, and scars. The tail’s design suggests functionality and strength, with each segment tapering to a more narrow end, creating a dynamic and imposing silhouette. The crane holds the tail aloft, emphasizing its detachment from the rest of the body, against a backdrop of scattered mechanical parts and debris, illuminated by shafts of light cutting through the warehouse’s gloom.

produces the lower half of a mecha (with a tail) or tail has legs. even had GPT develop several prompts that are long winded and explanatory. its been like this for almost a week now. I hope my frustration creates global warming.