DALLE-3 gen_id help needed


I have been experimenting with DALLE-3 using the API, i am looking to generate many images using the api, however i need to make sure the “base” image is consistent.

For example, take a bowl into consideration. It needs to be consistent and precise in terms of size, colour and material.

My idea was i could take the generation id of the first image, then using that id. for each image generated, it will use that id as a base for creating the next image.

I have scoured the internet everywhere and cannot find a resolution. Could anyone provide help?

Thank you

See those dedicated threads;

After upgrade seeds doesn’t work, “generation ID” is introduced? - Prompting - OpenAI Developer Forum

The “new” Dall-E, uses seeds without seeds - Prompting - OpenAI Developer Forum

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Thanks for the reply

I did review these, it didn’t really help me. Do you have any ideas of a solution? I did see another method where you could use dalle-2 variations although that didnt work at all.

Hope you can help

I’m also looking for the possibility of generating images based on the original one. Did you manage to find a solution to this problem for Dall-e 3?