Dall-e-3 API - generation ID

Hi, I am really confused with all that stuff around seeds and generation IDs. Recently, seeds could be used to generate similar styled images. Now, seeds are not possible to use, if I understand right, but you can somehow use generation ID. At least you can use it within chatGPT. But in API reference, there is no mention about generation ID. On api generation image call, there is only described response as list of urls, and a timestamp. But no mention regarding generation ID. Do I understand it right, that generation ID is feature of chatGPT, or it is possible to retrieve generation ID also from API, and refer it in next api call?.. Url, metadata…?

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At this time, there is no generation_id used in ChatGPT or the API. I think ChatGPT might hallucinate the concept sometimes and go along with it.

I’ve heard the DALLE team is working on this for future versions, though. For now, the best way is to “force” the prompt so that it doesn’t change and use the exact same language except a few words to get the same style/subject…

Hope that helps. We’ve got some great dalle3 threads, so hope you stick around!

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