Dall-e says "You are not allowed to sample from this model"

My usage limits show that I can query dall-e-2, but when querying from the playground or via curl I just get “You are not allowed to sample from this model”

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DALLE3 is not available via API or Labs yet…

Right, which is why I’m querying 2, as I mentioned in my original post

Oops. Sorry about the mis-read.

Can you show your cURL command?

You can’t query DALLE2 from Playground - did you mean Labs?

They just put dall-e-2 in the playground under “completions”.

$0.02 to see if it works.

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Interesting. Just refreshed and found it…

I wonder if it’s a mistake as it has the normal text completion settings. Doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hi, I’m getting this error “You are not allowed to sample from this model” too. I tried ‘dall-e-2’ and ‘dall-e-3’. I am also using curl. Documentation here specifically gives me instructions on how to use it with API.

I resolved the issue. I was using the wrong API URL. Make sure you are using the Dalle api endpoint instead of the chatgpt api endpoint.

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Thanks for coming back to follow-up. Hope you stick around the community.