Dall-e-2 and dall-e-3 api error "You are not allowed to sample from this model"

When trying to send a prompt to ChatGPT with model dall-e-2 or dall-e-3, I get error “You are not allowed to sample from this model”. I’m following this documentation: OpenAI Platform

I’m a paying user and paying the premium fee.

Here is the body I’m sending:

body:{“n”:1,“size”:“1792x1024”,“quality”:“standard”,“prompt”:“Make a funny viral picture about candy bars.”,“model”:“dall-e-2”}

This is preventing me from getting my project completed and making me sad. Is there any solution for this?

What version of the library are you using? Latest?

Good post here…

I’ve encountered this error and thought my account was limited too. Turns out I used the wrong endpoint. It’s worth double checking.

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Hi Morganhvidt,

Yes you are correct. I corrected it and it is now working. Thank you.

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